Jiao Ming Underarm

Jiao Ming Underarm

Jiao Ming Underarm

Study done to 5 individuals using this Jiao Ming Anti-per spirant cream with whitener and hair retardant.Five healthy volunteers applied the anti-perspirant stick with whitener and hair retardant at the underarm once a day for two consecutive weeks and the result is as follows: ? Eliminate Bad Odor ? Decrease Perspiration ? Whitens Underarm ? Delayed Hair growth An improvement from the regular deodorants?.This anti-perspirant cream gives the best dryness protection from odors caused by germs. GIVES you the fresh feeling while whitening the skin and what?s more?Reduces hair growth of the underarm. Contain an active deo whitening complex to eliminate bad odor and reduces perspiration to make skin dryer and comfortable, while making the skin whiter. Aside from its deo whitening action it delayed the appearance of hair. Hair growth will be suppress giving you the most convenient and comfortable feeling.


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