Asianwhiteskin Rosehips Oil for Scars

Asianwhiteskin Rosehips Oil for Scars

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Benefits of Rosehips Oil
Heals Scars including Acne Scarring.
Improves Burns and Marks of Radiotherapy.
Helps Fade Age Spots.
Reduces Pigmentation
Attenuate Wrinkles, Eye-lines and \"Crows-feet\".
Adequate for Sensitive Skin.
Soothes Sunburn.
Apply Rosehips Oil on Dry Skin and Dry or Damaged Hair.
Asianwhiteskin Rosehips Oil is light, non greasy and is quickly absorbed into the skin. The Rosehip Oil contains 80% essential fatty acids (linolenic acid and linoleic acid), which repair damaged skin tissue, increases elasticity and rebuilds the collagen in our skin. It is suitable for all skin types except oily skin and acne.

Skin that feels soft, smooth and radiantly alive. We all Know that exposure to sun, wind and pollution affects how our skin looks, feels and ages. Now you can counter fine lines and surface wrinkles with a totally natural product.

To date, rosehip oil has helped in the recovery of thousands of burn victims and is currently being used be several teams of plastic surgeons in their treatment of scars. To read testimonials on Rosehips products please click Rosehips oil Testimonials

How to Apply

Apply Primal Nature\'s Rosehips Oil at night by gently massaging with finger tips into the affected area until completely absorbed.

Treatment of Scars by Rosehips Oil Radiologist and Oncologist Dr. Hans Harbst found that Rosehips Oil was excellent as a treatment for the \"tracking\" and other dermatological problems following radiation therapy.

\"As a radiotherapist, I work with many patients who have undergone surgery and therefore have scars\", explains Dr. Harbst. \"In addition, subsequent radiation causes secondary reactions to the skin such as inflamation, darkening and dermatitis. These effects are inevitable following radiation treatments. This presents an aesthetic problem for patients, but the application of Rosehips Oil has produced faster healing of these lesions. Also, treatment of scars that cause tightening of the skin and difficulty in moving the arms and legs has been greatly improved with Rosehip Oil . We have achieved a loosening of the tension in the skin with Rosehip Oil Cream. The results have been very good with some patients and spectacular with others.\"

In 1978 Dr Fabiola Carbajal, M.D. while working in the microbiology department at Concepcion University in Santiago, Chile decided to test this unusual natural rosehips oil in clinical dermatological tests. Below, in her own words are the results of her clinical studies.

\"The results were superb using Rosehips Seed Oil and Cream in all our clinical studies, even with scars over 20 years old and with patients who had not improved using other therapies.Burns (including UV damaged skin and radiation burns), chronic ulcerations of the skin (such as that with papaplegics and bedridden invalids), skin grafts, brown spots, prematurely aging skin, dry skin: all benefited with Rosehip Oil.\"

I have also found that the oil is beneficial in hair care as well: particularly with colored hair, permed hair, tinted hair, or hair that has been damaged by too much sun or cold weather.\"

Dr Carvajal\'s photographs of some patients who have improved by treatment with Rosehip Oil demonstrate the good results of which she speaks. One of the most dramatic examples of improvements was a young woman, 33 years old, whose face sustained extensive damage in a car wreck which caused extensive hypertrophic scars. Her traumatism was both physiological and psychological. She couldn\'t stand to look at her face in a mirror, and even had all the mirrors removed from her house.

Dr Carvajal treated her for four months with Rosehips Oil and Cream. The improvement was amazing with excellent regeneration of the skin. The patient was very pleased with the results and was able to feel good about her appearance again.

Treatment of Ageing of Skin with Rosehips Oil Extensive aging of the skin, especially where UV damage is apparent, often takes on the appearance of deep lines in the skin which even resemble the cross-linked appearance of collagen. A 62-year old woman had the deep lines associated with premature aging due to UV rays and other external causes.

The premature aging of the skin can be treated with Rosehip Oil cream demonstrates that Rosehip Oil, because of its high content of fatty acids, can smooth the topical appearance of the skin, thereby preventing the aging.

Though Dr Carvajal found the treatment succesful in the removal of acne scarring. A dermatology treatment was used to electrically remove acne from a young woman\'s face but that left acne scars. The scars were treated with rosehip oil cream for six months with excellent results.

\"A man who had his whole head radiated due to a brain tumour had no signs of radiation after four weeks of treatment with rosehips oil. Another patient who showed an acute dermatitis after radiation had an excellent recovery 24 hours after treatment with the oil. The skin had actually regenerated.\"

Clear Unblemished Skin with Rosehips Oil Do You Find It Increasingly Difficult To Get A Clear Unblemished Skin?

People who live in sundrenched countries, like Australia, have a real problem with their skin as they grow older. The sun, whether direct or indirect wreaks havoc on our skin. The changes range from wrinkles, active keratosis (a thickening or build up) and differences in pigmentation. And, of course, an increasing menace these days...sun spots. If you have \'problem\' skin you will be fascinated by the results of an experiment with 20 women aged between 25 and 35. These women were all \'sun-worshippers\' and spent the summer by the sea sun-baking. They went to the beach every single day. The result was their skins were wrinkled, had brown spots and they all loked older than their age.

All of these women were asked to apply rosehip oil to their faces every day. they agreed and did this for the four hottest months of the year. Their skin was checked every 8 days. Significant changes started taking place on the third week! Firstly the surface wrinkles started to disappear. Then spots started to fade. At the end of four months the transformation was complete. Each woman\'s skin was smooth, wrinkles hardly noticeable and the spots had almost gone.

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