Magic Spots Removing Cream

Magic Spots Removing Cream

Magic Spots Removing Cream

Day Cream: with ancient medical recipe, contain precious natural sheep placenta essence, fruit acid, pearl powder, the product can powerfully peel cutin, accelerate metabolism, promote blood circulation, nourish tender skin, make skin shining and firm, effectively and intensively remove aged cells, delay ageing, supply water, strengthen skin tissue, protect skin from UV, dissolve deposited melanin, gradually remove spots, whiten skin and promote the production of collagen, effectively prevent wrinkles, supply nourishment and make skin firm, shining and perfect. Night Cream: Contain super sheep placenta essence and arbutin and aloe, the product can powerfully peel cutin, accelerate metabolism and blood circulation, effectively dissolve deposited melanin, promotes the production of collagen with obvious effect in removing brown spots, chloasma, ageing spots, pregnant spots and freckles. Contains active essence for restraining tyrosinase, super effect in restraining dark melanin, therefore, it can intensively remove spots without any marks, activate collagen, powerfully repair the skin, and make skin clear and perfect.

1) For external use only. Children and pregnant women are forbidden to use. Becareful in applying to sensitive skin. 2) The cream is applied twice a day, in the morning and evening. (Day cream is to baused in the morning and night Cream in the evening.) 3) It is of the normal phenomena when someone feels hot tightened, or the skin may fall off after application. You may take some Vitamin C and E and antisensitive medicine if it is serious, or cover your face with cold wet towel.

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