Amira Magic Cream 15g

Amira Magic Cream 15g

Amira Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: What is the REAL Amira Magic Cream?
A: The REAL Amira Magic cream is a skin whitening / lightening cream. It evens out the dark spot on your body specifically FACE (blemishes, freckles,pimple marks), Under arm, pantyline, braline etc. And the AMIRA MAGIC SOAP to whitens / lightens the whole body.

Q: How do you use the REAL Amira Magic Cream?
A: Wash and clean your face, neck or any dark areas with Amira Magic Soap . Apply a small amount of magic cream and massage it gently on face, neck or any dark areas of your body. Use it twice daily after cleaning your face in the morning and at night before going to bed.

Q: Is it FREE from Mercury?
A: YES it is free from MERCURY. It is BFAD Approved and has been TESTED not only one but 3 Specialist. (according to the manufacturer)

Q: Is the ingredients listed in the bottle?
A: The newest stock have the active ingridients in the bottle. The manufacturer choose not to put the whole ingredients for the reason that there are a lot of so called "MAGIC CREAMS" that comes out in the market.

Q: Is The REAL Amira Magic Cream FAD (USA) approved?
A: Amira Magic Cream is BFAD (Phil) approved where it is manufactured. It was the first magic cream that was tested and approved by BFAD (Bureau of Food and Drugs).

Q: How would I know if the I got the REAL one?
A: You have to check for the following... BFAD control number, Lot no., Expiration date, &Amira's gold seal.

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