Let me tell you something about 4SURESLIM SECRET. It is used to manage medium / overweight people. This Appetite suppressant medications promote weight loss by decreasing appetite. Slim Secret increase serotonin or catecholamine-two brain chemicals that affect the mood and appetite. Slim Secret pills can reduce your weight for about 5-30lbs in one month but one of our clients lost as much as 30lbs. Take note, taking Slim Secret tablets can make you slim but you need to have some exercise to have a good skin. FAQ - 4SURESLIM SECRET 1. How many lbs will I lose in one month? Approximately, 5-30lbs you will lose in a month. 2. Can medications replace physical activity or changes in eating habits as a way to lose weight? No. The use of slimming secret is to treat obesity. You should combine it with physical activity such as walking, biking, swimming etc. to prevent sagged skin. 3. How long will I take the slimming secret to treat obesity? It depends on one's metabolism but we guarantee that it will work 100%! Just be sure you know your desire weight. 4. Will I regain some weight after I stop taking 4SURESLIM SECRET? Probably, It depends on your eating habit. 5. Are there any side effect? No, as long as your are 18 above (M/F) and you don't have diseases like glaucoma, asthma, hypertension, pregnant or post pregnant in 3 months, etc. Just follow the instruction carefully. 7. Is there any Contraindication? Yes. While taking BP you will not drink liquor, caffeine, soda. The only liquid that you will be going to drink are juices and plenty of H2O. 8. Is it true that there are FAKE Slim Secret Pills Yes! There are Fake Pills. So BEWARE! 9. What are the components of this products? Natural Herbs.
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