Asianwhiteskin Face Kit

Asianwhiteskin Face Kit

Asianwhiteskin Face Kit

NEW PACKAGE! Makes your skin white and flawless!

This set of Asianwhiteskin Face kit is perfectly manufactured to help in preventing pimple break-outs and other skin impurities. It gently makes the skin fairer and smoother. It can also turn your skin flawless by removing dark spots and other blemishes. It also improves the skin?s elasticity giving you a more youthful look. This product consists of the following: (1)Eryhtromycin Liquid, (1)Post Acne Toner, (1)White Solution, (1)Whiter Revit White

Eryhtromycin Liquid - To prevent Pimples
PostAcne Toner - Makes your skin smooth and prevents also pimples
White Solution - Makes your face clearer and Whiter
Revit White - Removes darks spots and other blemishes

1. Using a cotton ball apply a small amount of Eryhtromycin Liquid in your face then let it dry.
2. Next is to put enough amount of the Post Acne Toner then let it dry.
3. After that use the White Solution

Follow the steps 1 and 2 of the morning application.

1. First is to apply the Eryhtromycin Liquid, followed by the Post Acne Toner.
2. Then use the Whiter Revit White.
3. Lastly, apply the White Solution.

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Note: Yumei Mise Shop is a reseller of branded products from Asia. All Health and Beauty products that are being sold here are manufactured by different companies. All the information are taken from their label/box. If you have any question or you want to purchase in wholesale kindly email yumeimise@yahoo.com for more information.

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