Top Gel Whitening Cream

Top Gel Whitening Cream

Top Gel Whitening Cream

Top Gel with Extra Pearl Cream , Vitamin E, Extract Placenta and natural Collagen.

Through the intensive research and numberless clinical experiment by the authorities in dermatology and beauty specialists the TOP GEL \"MCA\" Extra pearl cream is verified as a cream the does wonders.
The product contains not only collagen but also Vitamin E and Extract Placenta and various sorts of very new Biochemical materials such as Hydrolyzed Milk Protein which can strengthen your skin elasticity and prevent wrinkles, Hydrolastan may stengthen elasticity of cells, of skin eliminate wrinkles.

Specialied in curing ordinary acne, freckle, speckles, ephelis, wrinkles and pimple.
Bleaching and Anti Wrinkle compound also can supply skin biochemical protein and moisturizing factor, recover your skin to be soft, smooth, glossy and bright. Besides, it will make you younger and more beautiful.

Please cleanse the face with TOP GEL every morning and evening, It will bring you a better effect, which will quickly allow your skin further whitened, more brilliant, soft and looking younger for goods. For Men and Women use.

For sensitive skin and apply for the first time, please test few on small part of your skin before apply. If any discomfort or allergy happened, please stop apply.

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