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KB COLLAGEN ANOTHER SECRET IS THE HEALING POWER OF PEARL POWDER. Pearl has long been prized as a luminous and precious decoration. But the secret of the pearl is not its external beauty. What lies deep within the pearl has the power to renew, regenerate, and restore human health like nothing else. The healing powers of pearl are directly related to its intrinsic nature--how it is created with its interlocking complex combination of natural nutrients and healing substances. Pearl is made of calcium compounds, proteins, amino acids, polysaccharide, and many trace minerals. It is interesting to know that these same constituents are also crucial components of human fluids, connective tissues, and bones. They participate in building the structure of our very cells; repairing our tissues; forming antibodies to protect us against invading bacteria, viruses, and developing cancer cells: helping slow down the aging process. These constituents also play an essential role in the function of our brain and nervous system — from aiding memory and sleep, to allaying anxiety and depression. Scientific investigation shows that these compounds in pearl have strictly arranged crystalline structure clearly different from inorganically formed calcium compounds (the kind you find in most calcium supplements). Crystalline structures are known for their resonant, harmonic, and magnifying qualities. Pearl’s crystalline structure may contribute subtle energetic properties and accelerated healing effects when used both externally and internally. Scientists were amazed by the remarkable compatibility of pearl with the human body. Then, in 2004, they made a stunning discovery. The DNA involved in the creation of pearl is nearly identical to the part of the human DNA that is responsible for the regulation of calcium metabolism in the human body. In other words, we share a deep-rooted kinship with pearl, right down to the DNA level. Because of the pearl’s crystalline structure and its connection with our human calcium metabolism, the calcium, essential trace minerals, proteins, amino acids, and polysaccharides supplied by pearl are in the right proportion, are more compatible with your body, and more absorbable by your body. But there is something even more intriguing and powerful in pearls that are found nowhere else on earth: the unique anti-aging substances called pearl signal proteins. Pearl signal proteins are the ultimate anti-aging ingredients. When they enter the human body, they act as messengers, sending out signals to create fresh, new cells. The reason we age is that our cells are no longer able to regenerate themselves. Thanks to the wear and tear of the years, they incur permanent damage that affects their ability to function…and ultimately causes their death. By stimulating skin cell regeneration, pearl signal proteins give you a more youthful complexion.* By stimulating organ and muscle cell regeneration, they make your vital organs strong and help your muscles recuperate faster.* By stimulating bone cell regeneration, they help you grow better bones and make your existing bones stronger.* Pearl: Human Teeth & Bones In Mayan ruins, archaeologists discovered more than 2,000 years old human teeth with a pearl filling, which grew and fused together with their own teeth to form a sound and seamless cavity-free tooth structure! French scientists have unraveled the wisdom of Mayans. Their research studies show that pearl is not only completely compatible with our human bone, it can also stimulate new bone growth and make existing bone stronger. This makes pearl an ideal tooth filler, bone builder and bone substitute. According to the California Medical Association Foundation, osteoporosis is a major health threat for an estimated 44 million Americans. Both men and women are at risk, and it is a hidden, but significant contributing cause of death in our older population. Many research from all over the world, both inviro and invitro, reveals that taking pearl internally may well prevent porous bone problem. French scientists find that pearl can stimulate new bone formation, activate osteogenic bone marrow cells, and increase bone mineralization. Furthermore, French scientists have shown that pearl can reduce the rate of bone resorption. Chinese scientists also showed that calcium from pearl is more easily absorbed to human body than the commonly used calcium source. Chinese scientists have also directly explored the possibility of using pearl to treat animals with osteoporosis. They gave mice a pearl formulation for 90 days. They found that the mice taking the pearl formulation experienced significantly higher bone calcium content, higher bone mineral density, and higher total bone weight in comparison to the mice that did not. This research by scientists from across the globe indicates that pearl is one of the most effective way to prevent osteoporosis. Pearl: Health & Longevity For thousands of years, pearl has been treasured in China not only as a longevity supplement that can prolong life span, but also to enhance quality of life, such as enhancing eyesight, and improving the functioning of vital organs. Modern research has validated these ancient wisdoms. About the anti-aging effect: Chinese scientists find that taking meals with pearl powder can extend the life span of silk worms, mice and fruit flies by 20% to 57%. If we were to translate pearl’s profound life extending effects as observed in the silkworm, mice, and fruit flies to the human case, it would indicate that if your current life style let you live up to 80 years old, by taking pearl supplement, you may live up to 96 or even to 125 years old. Not only can pearl extend life span, it can also improve the quality of life. Studies done in China demonstrated that pearl can boost immune function and memory in animals. In one study, it found that taking pearl for 12 days can enhance antibody production in mice and increase cellular protective functions. Research studies also show that pearl can enhance eye sight. Research studies also demonstrate that pearl has a significant effect on cardiovascular health. For example, pearl can enhance the heart’s contraction without affecting the frequency of heart beat, which means more oxygen-rich blood is pumped per beat through the circulatory system without increasing the actual numbers of beats. The research also indicates that pearl can help the heart keep its natural rhythm, recover from the effects of arrhythmias or abnormal heart rhythm. Furthermore, several human clinical studies reveal that taking pearl powder internally can successfully promote healthy blood pressure. Pearl: Premier Ancient Beauty Secret It is legend that Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, is reported to have dropped one of the two largest pearls known in recorded history into her wine at dinner. She then proceeded to drink her cocktail in front of the Roman governor,Mark Antony; maybe to show off her wealth as well acknowledging her exclusive beauty secret. Pearl was the favorite beauty secret of Wu Ze Tian (625 AD – 705 AD), the only woman in the history of China to assume the title of emperor. She regularly took pearl made from pearl powder internally and used pearl beauty cream externally. When she ascended the throne at age 65 years old her beauty had become legendary, as her skin was said to be as radiant as a young woman. According to the best known Chinese herbal book, “Ben Cao Gang Mu” or “Materia Medica” by Shizhen Li (1518-1593), pearl can stimulate new skin growth, release toxins, speed and improve healing, remove sun damage, alleviate age spots, and promote more radiant, younger looking skin. Now scientific proof is revealing how this ancient royal beauty secret works. French scientists have found that pearl can stimulate fibroblasts, the builder cells for connective tissue, to proliferate. It can increase the production of components that help cells stick together (which reinforces the barrier function of the skin) and their cellular communication with each other. And it can also help collagen − the main structural protein in the skin − regenerate itself. This research scientifically confirms the traditional wisdom that pearl can increase skin regeneration, thus help improve skin tone and promote youthful looking skin. However, it tells us more than this. Since fibroblasts are “builder cells” that abound in all connective tissue that surround our muscles, skin, and organs, by enhancing fibroblasts regeneration, pearl in fact can help keep your body in shape and make your muscle and organs strong. Human clinical research also indicates that pearl powder can speed up the healing process of a variety of skin conditions from simple redness, rashes, to repair of wounds and burns. Pearl: Better Sleep & Greater Peace In Traditional Chinese Medicine, pearl has been used for thousands of years for calming the nervous system, pacifying the spirit, and promoting peaceful energy. Scientific research shows that pearl could relieve pain and promote a calming effect on animal’s nervous system. The researchers discovered also that pearl can increase positive “elevated mood” neurotransmitters, and thus reduce the level of stress, and promote a more peaceful, positive internal biochemistry. KB COLLAGEN IS AVAILABLE IN ALL WATSONS DRUGSTORES, MERCURY DRUGS, ASIAN MASSAGE & SPA 24/7 DELIVERY SERVICE AND ASIANSKYMALL. WE ARE OPEN FOR DEALERSHIP. DARE TO COMPARE NOW YOUR COLLAGEN. LET'S SEE WHO AMONG OUR COMPETITORS WILL AGAIN COPY OUR CLAIMS AND FORMULATION. PRODUCT IS FDA APPROVED. 100% MADE IN JAPAN





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