Speedwhite Whitening Capsules 1 Months Supply

Speedwhite Whitening Capsules since 1999

Asian Countries are known to be the No. 1 in discovering Skin Whitening Pills and other cosmetics products. It is because of many men and women from Asia who wanted to have a white skin.

Skin Whitening Pills was discovered since 1954 by a Japan?s Pharmaceutical Industry. Searching for a good remedy for skin whitening as early 21st century and was launced in 1961.

Research and Development in Japan and Korea continues to strengthen its capabilities in line with its long-term R&D plan to improved the health and beauty products. Under this plan, the major therapeutic area on which Japan and Korea are focusing is the skin whitening pills and products that are not only applicable from Asian people, which are anticipated to grow in importance for those people who want to have white skin.

In the area of skin whitening pills discovery, Japan and Korea are stepping up basic research while actively applying new technologies and by not using chemical ingredients. Formulating the skin whitening pills with the use of natural products is the major goal. The Researchers are expanding its range of target by conducting research into the intracellular transmission of information, the regulation of gene transcription, and genomes; using combinatorial chemistry and high-throughput screening to enhance synthesis and screening technologies for lead compounds that may form the seeds of new skin whitening pills.





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